An exercise in ECG interpretation and triage.

The Setting

Welcome to the wild west. You’re an attending at a busy county hospital, and beds are scarce. Today is particularly bad, with hordes of patients checking in every minute. You can’t see them, but you need a way to triage them, so your tech brings you stacks of ECGs from the waiting room.

The Exercise

Review the 10 ECGs presented to you and assess their acuity. Of the ECGs presented, you can label:

  • 1 as a code STEMI
  • 2 to room immediately to be seen
  • 5 to stay in the waiting room

The Videos

Learning how to interpret ECGs is tough. This video course walks you through from the basics of ECG interpretation to complex topics like subtle signs of ischemia and pesky rhythm problems. Work your way through with the accompanying study guides.

The Course

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ECG Conference

Perfect for Remote Learning

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The Schedule

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